Saturday, November 23, 2013

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

 During this time winter is coming up and everyone's getting sick. The best way to stay healthy is.. Eat healthy! The best way to eat healthy is starting off the day with a good breakfast. When having a good breakfast it's good to have it fill will nutritious elements that will get you through the day. Having fruits around my house making a smoothie is a great idea, considering how filling it is. Here are each steps of how to make a strawberry-smoothie...

1. Washing then cutting up strawberries to but them in the blender 
2. Then cutting up 2 bananas (1 is fine) and placing that in the blender as well
3. A good replacement of Icecream and/or milk was strawberry(or original) Greek yougurt
4. Next add a handful of ice cubes to make it cold and smoothie like 
5. Place the cover on and begin to slowly blend 
6. Go up higher on the speed dial and further more in blending 
7. Blend until it's completely smooth and a thick nice texture
8. Finally your smoothie is ready to drink and now your ready to start your day full force!


  1. I love smoothie I make mine with plane yogurt and honey. Going to give yours a try looks delicious

    1. AWh thankyou! xx I'm going to try honey next time I make it