Friday, November 29, 2013

Black and Blue

  Yesterday in America it was Thanksgiving. A day for giving thanks to the people who should get acknowledged more often. Telling family members how much they mean to them followed by calling your friends saying how much they mean to you. With all this celebration going on dressing up for the occasion is a necescity. Wearing my new favorite color blocked dress from BananaRepublic. The black and blue go together very well. And ofcourse I'm most thankful for my 1year old Morkie. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


 The cold is really starting to creep in now. Hitting a horrible temp of 12 degrees ferinheight today. Which is extremly uncomfortable if your not dressed right. Even though being bundled up looking acceptable is always the way to go. So grabbing my favorite tribal pattern leggings from LoveCulture and putting them on. Followed by a sparkling golden collar blouse from ForeverXXI. To put it all together I wore my high top black converse. This outfit is great for keeping warm and has a great combination of style. 
xx Rose

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Bang-Bang

  With all the leaves on the trees completely gone outside looks sorta dead. The best way to stay warm is to layer up, but look good doing it. The best way to do that is simply styling things with a denim jacket. Having one from my newly favorite store LoveCulture, I placed it with my tribal pattern shirt from top shop. And underneath I put on sided lace leggings from my favorite Pink Victoria Secret. With all these black, grays, and blues I popped the look with a maroon color shoe from ForeverXXI. Finishing off the look my just putting my hair in a simple braid. 

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

 During this time winter is coming up and everyone's getting sick. The best way to stay healthy is.. Eat healthy! The best way to eat healthy is starting off the day with a good breakfast. When having a good breakfast it's good to have it fill will nutritious elements that will get you through the day. Having fruits around my house making a smoothie is a great idea, considering how filling it is. Here are each steps of how to make a strawberry-smoothie...

1. Washing then cutting up strawberries to but them in the blender 
2. Then cutting up 2 bananas (1 is fine) and placing that in the blender as well
3. A good replacement of Icecream and/or milk was strawberry(or original) Greek yougurt
4. Next add a handful of ice cubes to make it cold and smoothie like 
5. Place the cover on and begin to slowly blend 
6. Go up higher on the speed dial and further more in blending 
7. Blend until it's completely smooth and a thick nice texture
8. Finally your smoothie is ready to drink and now your ready to start your day full force!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gold Chains

  The must have of this season is a gold chain necklace to finish off a look. Going to stores lately I've seen gold chain necklaces hanging up in the windows ready to buy. One I found was at one of my favorite places ever, ForeverXXI. After I got it the best thing was to where it with a solid over sized sweater. Going to the nearest thrift store I bought one for only $10! Already having black side laced leggings from the one and only Victoria Secret (Pink) in my draw I grabbed that. Threw on black converse and walked out into the cold breeze! Absolutely freezing but this kept me warm.