Thursday, November 7, 2013

MidFall Day

  It's the time of the year where fall is closing in. It's the time the leaves are all on the ground and winters rolling in pretty soon.
In November temperature drops and mostly I turn to sweaters. Where other participants turn to "No Shave November" which is actually one of my favorite things of November to see who lasts the longest.
Also the clocks turned back which was helpful for an extra hour of sleep, but now it turns darker a lot sooner. Which isn't that great considering I'm out late during the week and weekends so when it stayed light earlier it was easier to see and function. But luckily its for only half the week.
  One of the highlights of my week was when my art teacher said I was "fashion forward" and I got pretty excited. Considering art is my favorite class and she's my favorite teacher it was awsome.
Main quote to get me through this season.. "Cold weather is all about layers." 

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